Your Knowledge May Be The Key to Someone’s Prison

Your knowledge could be the key that unlocks someone else’s prison – don’t be afraid to share it

Are you the best-kept secret in your industry?

Do your clients and potential clients know why you get out of bed in the morning and how this solves their problem?

If not, why not? Someone (read YOU) needs to tell them!!!

People buy based on emotion, then use their logical self to justify the purchase… and, as we all know, they buy from people they know, like and trust or from a brand who’s well-told ‘brand story’ aligns with their values so they feel like they are ‘buying in’ to a culture they want to be a part of.

So… how do your potential clients get to know you? – you need to be talking with them…

Why is Timbo Reid talking to you about ‘Small Business, Big Marketing’ while you ‘crush’ your gym workout?

Why is Andrew Ford telling you all about his new venture to help Australian entrepreneurs get a solid start while you take your dog for an afternoon walk?

And why do we hear adverts on ‘normal radio’ for PodcastOne telling us ‘there is one for everyone’ while you drive to work?

Because you invited them to… You searched for someone to tell you how to do something and you invited the knowledge giver into your head. That’s the power of  – Personal On-Demand broadcasting, or Podcasting…

There is nothing more personal than the sound coming directly into your ear-balls… Podcasts go where you go when you go there. You don’t have to plan your life around their schedule, by their very nature they are ‘on-demand’… and, unlike video, they don’t stake claim to your full attention so they fit into your already busy schedule as ‘bonus content’ while you are doing other things. No longer are you ‘wasting time’ commuting – you are learning as you go!

Podcasts have superpowers – They can educate; They can entertain; They can inform; They can inspire; They give you permission to tell your story, your why, to connect with people and offer solutions to their problems.

Podcasts connect you with your clients in a way that cannot be duplicated by any other content medium… They hear you, get to know you a little and you become a person they can relate to, someone who can help solve their challenges rather than simply supply a product or service that may or may not actually help.

Do you want to connect with your current and future clients? Do you have a story to tell? Then what are you waiting for?

I wish I knew who said it but that is lost to history – Your story could be the key that unlocks some else’s prison. Don’t be afraid to share it.

If you have a story to tell we would love to help you. We can help you develop your brand story, support you to create an engaging conversation and shout it across the airwaves on your behalf… this is the year to be heard – Be the voice, not an echo… talk to people…

If you are not sure how to get started then why not jump on a call and take advantage of our complimentary, not even a hint of a string attached 30minute 1:1 Sounding board’ chat with Jackie?

Like to read more?  Why not take a browse through our Blog archive…

Be the voice, not an echo.

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Jackie Campbell

I believe that we all have a story to tell and should have the opportunity to be heard if we wish. I believe that these stories, when shared, can and do change the world that we live in and the very fabric of the communities that we are part of. I believe that we were put on this earth to do more than to work to generate money to pay bills - that by working together to solve problems and give each other a voice we can all achieve far more than we ever dreamed possible.

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